Writing a book and other news

I noticed I haven't updated the front page of this site in a while. Well, such are the trials of operating as essentially a one man operation. I have a number of initiatives under way, two of which are worthy of front page mention at this time:

  • I've embarked on a book writing venture. The book is tentatively titled, "Lessons in Search Marketing" and is targeted at people who would typically be my students. These folks might be typical undergraduates or returning students with significant work experience looking for a conceptual grounding in how to proceed. My approach will be to go in depth on key strategies with problems and examples. I'll leave the constant flux of tools to a companion website.
  • I'm pouring most of my daily thoughts on this process into my personal Worksheet blog. That blog is, in some sense, less official than this blog. I'm not so worried about getting it just right.
I have another couple of things afoot, but they're not ready to announce yet. Hopefully, soon.