Hire Bud

How to hire Bud

Just connect with me by email (bud@budgibson.com) or calling 734–926–9560. We can set up a time to talk and determine whether I can help.

Why people typically hire Bud

I am hired by marketers and business people who are asking themselves the following kinds of questions:
  • How can I make my website better at generating leads or sales?
  • How can I make my web and email marketing more effective?
  • How can I measure and track my web marketing effectiveness from customer acquisition through to sales?
  • What should I know before launching a new sales or marketing website?
  • Am I getting the right bang for the buck from search marketing programs like Google AdWords?
  • What kinds of Internet advertising should I be using? Search? Social? Mobile?
  • Should I be spending more or less on AdWords? How do you know?
These are questions with no pat answers. They depend on your business. I'll work with you to come up with solutions that you and your team can implement. If needed, I'll help you find the right people to add to your team.