Launching Bud Gibson, Inc.

In January 2008, I created the first course in what has become Eastern Michigan University's search marketing program. Since then, my students have managed well over a million dollars in annualized online ad spend for 80 organizations and counting. Not only have we helped these organizations with their ad spend, but we've used advanced analytic techniques to optimize the organizations' ability to turn these visitors into customers. 

Having developed all of these courses and working with many organizations, I've been getting more and more requests from organizations on how to align their Internet marketing efforts with their sales and marketing goals.

You would be surprised at how hard that can be, particularly for small to medium sized businesses. Large businesses are having a hard time too. There's the traditional web site. Then there are social media sites, and the mobile web. What should your goals with each of these be? How do you know if you're making progress?

There are not pat answers for any of these questions. There are approaches to answering them that do produce results. Sometimes, the answer is not pursue certain channels. Other times, it's a question of how to pursue the channel. However, it's alway a question of defining your goals, establishing methods to measure progress, and then systematically exploring alternatives on your way to improving your process.

I established Bud Gibson, Inc. as a way for you to engage me to help you with these problems. We can interact on many levels. You can hire me. You can hire my students. You can read the articles I post here or just mine the resources I'll be linking to. Feel free to use the contact form to the right or just call if you would like to meet and discuss the issues you face.

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