The Channelized Mobile Landscape — What It Means for Business Owners


As the graphic above indicates, there are now essentially three players in the post-pc mobile landscape:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Amazon

These companies control:

  • The datacenter back end,
  • parts of the Internet delivery system,
  • and the devices consumers use

In effect, they have all three set up direct to consumer channels with a fair number of restrictions. All three present their own offerings first, front and center on their devices. These devices are highly integrated into each company's server infrastructure. This infrastructure includes web search, transaction processing, media delivery, geography-based services and other significant data processing. 

For business owners, there is one critical message. Whereas for a long time, it sufficed to have a quality presence on the web and be properly registered with the services of one significant search provider, google, you now have to be thinking about how you can be found on each device. They are all different.

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Unknown said...

I've been observing the same thing. Microsoft is trying to get into the same game, but they're so late to the party, I suspect their new tablet will flop (as has their mobile phone OS).